Enhancement of lepton flavor violation in a model with bi-maximal mixing at the grand unification scale

We study phenomenological predictions in the scenario with the quasi-degenerate relation among neutrino Dirac masses, m_D1 simeq m_D2 < m_D3, assuming the bi-maximal mixing at the grand unification scale in supersymmetric standard models with right-handed neutrinos. A sufficient lepton number asymmetry can be produced for successful leptogenesis. The lepton flavor violating process mu to e gamma can be enhanced due to the Majorana phase, so that it can be detectable at forthcoming experiments. The processes tau to e gamma and tau to mu gamma are suppressed because of the structure of neutrino Dirac masses, and their branching ratios are smaller than that of mu to e gamma.
Phys. Rev. D 72 (2005) 093004